Backup of IT Infrastructure

BaaS (Backup as a Service) is a service for creating and securely storing backup copies of IT infrastructure in the cloud. Even if data are completely lost at the main facility, you can restore them from a copy in the GigaCloud storage.

The service will protect your data and ensure their reliable recovery.

You can choose to place backups on the GigaCloud infrastructure in the EU and Ukraine

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What does the BaaS service save you from?

 What does the <span class=BaaS service save you from?">

The main infrastructure and local copies are subject to certain risk factors:

  • viral cyberattacks of encrypting malware or ransomware;
  • equipment damage;
  • accidental or intentional mistakes made by employees;
  • theft, seizure of data and equipment by regulatory authorities;
  • fires, natural disasters;

To protect your infrastructure and eliminate any risks, use the BaaS (Backup as a Service), a service for backing up data to the GigaCloud cloud.

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Backup service (BaaS) is a combination of three components: GigaCloud storage, Tier III data centre and Veeam Cloud Connect technology. Thanks to its high level of expertise, GigaCloud has the status of the gold partner of Veeam.

  • All information will be stored on a remote secure platform, which cannot be accessed by any third parties.
  • The cloud repository is built using VMware vSphere 6.7 virtualisation technology. Data are encrypted at the hypervisor level: both virtual disks and files are encoded.
  • Traffic is compressed to reduce the load on the data channel.
  • Network load during backup is reduced through built-in deduplication and data compression.
  • It allows setting up automatic error checking during backups.

The BaaS service is available in several options:

  • The GigaCloud technology. For those who are already in the cloud. Veeam Backup & Replication technology is used to back up data from the cloud.
  • From your own virtualised infrastructure to the GigaCloud cloud. For users who already use the Veeam Backup & Replication service for backup but store backup copies in their own data store.
  • From your own equipment to the cloud. For backup of individual physical servers and workstations. In this case, Veeam Agent technologies and Veeam Cloud Connect features are used.

We offer options for placing backups in the GigaCloud cloud repository of different regions: Warsaw, Kyiv or Lviv.

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What are we offering?

Protection against external intervention

Protection against external intervention

Protection against any external interference such as theft, fire, hacking attempts, equipment seizure or virus attacks.

Error protection

Error protection

Data protection against accidental or intentional errors caused by employees.

Get connected in 10 minutes

Get connected in 10 minutes

We will provide a backup service in the shortest possible time to protect your data reliably here and now.

Expert help

Expert help

Our experts will help you set up the right backup plan with the RTO and RPO customised for your infrastructure.

License software

License software

GigaCloud is a gold partner of Veeam. This means that our software is licensed and always updated to the latest stable version.

Free support

Free support

Our experts are ready to help you solve any issue around the clock.

Protect your data!

Migration and technical support free of charge

Send a request, and our experts will contact and consult you, and help you connect and configure the service.