Running IT infrastructure without downtime

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

This solution protects IT infrastructure and applications from disasters by using permanent synchronous backup in the cloud data centre.

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Learn more about GigaCloud’s DRaaS service

Learn more about GigaCloud’s DRaaS service

Fault tolerance of the infrastructure is critical for businesses. This is especially true for banks, e-commerce, retail chains and any other businesses that depend on the constant availability of services and applications. A few minutes of downtime result in big financial losses. For some companies, these are seven-figure amounts.

Two main risks that can disrupt business operations:

  • Equipment malfunction. When the server is down and IT systems are unavailable, employees cannot work.
  • Data loss. This happens due to an encryption virus, hard drive failure or software bug. IT systems operate on data, and if there are no data, the operation is impossible.

In cases like this, you need DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), “insurance” of a company against force majeure and disasters. Disaster Recovery allows you to achieve the most effective objectives, RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective).


Learn more about DRaaS service

Veeam-based solutions

Veeam Cloud Connect is a software solution that helps to configure replication to the service provider’s cloud and switch to replicas in case of an accident at the main site. This software solution will allow you to implement Disaster Recovery for infrastructure that is both in the cloud and on the hardware. Incremental backup and long-term retention policies can be used.

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vCloud Availability solution

vCloud Availability is a software solution based on VMware technologies that is suitable only for virtual infrastructures built on this virtualisation platform. It enables customers to independently replicate their virtual machines between different facilities, as well as create backup copies of infrastructures. You will find more information in our detailed instructions.

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Porsche case

After the NotPetya virus attack, Porsche Ukraine began looking for fault-tolerant solutions and infrastructure insurance options. The company had a backup site abroad, but it proved ineffective for quick recovery. The company leased infrastructure from GigaCloud and built a cloud DRaaS solution. In case of an accident, the business does not stop, and all services continue to work in the cloud.

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Advantages of the DRaaS service from GigaCloud

Downtime Reduction

Downtime Reduction

IT system post-disaster recovery (RTO) takes up to 15 minutes instead of 5 hours. The value of the RTO depends on the way the customer chooses to implement DRaaS.



GigaCloud is a gold partner of VMware and Veeam, the world’s best software developers for virtualisation, backup and monitoring of virtual environments based on the VMware platform.

High availability and protection

High availability and protection

Our cloud infrastructure meets all requirements for information security according to the CIPS standard, and also has an additional international ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certificate. It is always available, and its SLA is 99.95%.



Our technical experts have built more than a dozen Disaster Recovery plans for both large corporations and medium-sized companies, so they know the needs and “pain points” of each customer. Our goal is not to sell products at any price, but rather to provide maximum support during the migration of the client’s services to the cloud and help in their further use.



Protect your business from financial losses!

We will advise and prepare a Disaster Recovery Plan that will help avoid infrastructure downtime.

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