E-Cloud infrastructure with a
comprehensive information protection system (CIPS)

A virtual data centre (or Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS) for corporate clients, built on the basis of the VMware platform, leader in virtualisation and cloud technologies.

The E-Cloud infrastructure has passed the certification of compliance of the Comprehensive Information Protection System (CIPS) with the information protection laws and regulations. The certificate confirms that the information security of our infrastructure meets the level required by the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine. Any IT infrastructure of the client will be placed on the certified E-Cloud platform. All you have to do is certify your software and its administration.

In order to get CIPS-certified, the GigaCloud company passed a series of complex checks and implemented a number of measures to ensure data protection at various levels. CIPS allows us to build infrastructure for government projects and projects with special requirements for information security such as eHealth systems and ProZorro platforms.

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What is a
cloud with CIPS?

Public cloud E-Cloud

GigaCloud is the first and only Ukrainian cloud operator that is CIPS-certified for both its platforms, GigaCenter and BeMobile (and the only one with more than one of these platforms). In 2016, we were ISO 27001-certified, and 2 years later, we received the CIPS certificate. This allowed us to build comprehensive distributed and fault-tolerant cloud solutions with a level of security that complies with national regulations.

A comprehensive protection system is needed to:

  • prevent the information from falling into the hands of third parties and intruders;
  • prevent the information from modifications or being used outside the rules of the security policy;
  • prevent information losses due to equipment failures;
  • monitor the readiness of defence systems to neutralise threats

Hosting the client’s IT infrastructure with GigaCloud is an opportunity to create a system where critical information will be reliably protected from loss.

The CIPS certificate of conformity is automatically extended to the E-Cloud infrastructure, namely:

  • security control of centralised data centres hosting the GigaCloud cloud;
  • virtual infrastructure security control (virtual server protection);
  • VM backup (Veeam Backup).

The client just needs to get CIPS-certified for:

  • administration of the operating system on a virtual machine;
  • database administration;
  • application software administration;
  • physical workplaces;
  • information transmission channels from the physical workplace to the centralised data centre.

Capabilities of cloud infrastructure

Managing dedicated resources

Independently manage the cloud infrastructure, create and delete servers, distribute resources between them, configure network connections, perform backups and more.

Building any network infrastructure

Any topology of L2/L3 networks, as well as the powerful functionality of VMware NSX, is available in every project of your E-Cloud, regardless of its size and complexity

Freedom to choose OS and any other VM templates

When creating your own project based on E-Cloud, choose whatever you need to implement your tasks, including any templates of virtual machines and operating systems

Resources for creating a hybrid cloud

You can create any hybrid infrastructure by combining E-Cloud, your own equipment, colocation services from GigaCentre and organisation of communication channels from GigaTrans.


Benefits of cloud infrastructure

The highest level of information security

The highest level of information security

The high level of information security management in the cloud is ISO 27001 and CIPS certified.

Reliability and fault tolerance.

Reliability and fault tolerance.

Two data centres are TIER III with two or more power inputs from two different substations and diesel generators. There is also a battery system to stabilise the hardware in case of switching to generators

Optimised costs for IT infrastructure

Optimised costs for IT infrastructure

Instead of capital costs for purchasing and updating physical IT equipment, there are planned operational costs

Protection against financial instability

Protection against financial instability

Payments are made in UAH, without being tied to the exchange rate. Pay for services in a way convenient for you

Quick change of the configuration of computing and network resources

Quick change of the configuration of computing and network resources

In a matter of minutes, both for increasing and cutting

Transparent rates

Transparent rates

No more under-the-counter sales! Rates for cloud infrastructure, SaaS services and software licenses are in public access. Rates


Additional services

vCloud Availability

The main goal of vCloud Availability is to ensure the uninterrupted operation of services, that is, the implementation of Disaster Recovery as a Service in the virtual infrastructure on VMware. With vCloud Availability, you can manage the virtual infrastructure in the primary and backup data centre. The service performs two functions:

DRaaS to protect virtual machines from failure. A copy is created for the selected virtual machine and replication is configured. If the primary virtual machine fails, a full copy of it will start and work will continue without downtime.

Migration: in this mode, with the help of vCloud Availability, you can move virtual machines from one site to another.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service is a backup virtual data centre to replicate the client’s IT infrastructure into along with all the applications deployed in it. In case of a disaster in the main infrastructure, or even during its maintenance, you can switch to the backup infrastructure in a few minutes, ensuring uninterrupted operation. At the same time, maintaining inactive backup infrastructure costs only a few percent of the cost of the main infrastructure.

Learn more: https://gigacloud.ua/en/offer/draas

Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service is a data backup service in cloud storage. BaaS is the most reliable way to protect your data from loss in case of hardware or software failure, human error or hacker attacks. The E-Cloud backup service is built using Veeam solutions.

Veeam is the world’s leading developer of data backup solutions. Use Veeam Backup and Replication to configure a copy plan, selectively restore data, and automatically make the required number of backup copies of the required type. E-Cloud will allow you to do the following:

  • Backup of cloud infrastructure in E-Cloud
  • Creation of backup copies from the client’s cloud to E-Cloud
  • Creation of backup copies of physical servers and individual computers to E-Cloud

Learn more: https://gigacloud.ua/en/offer/baas


Selection process

Request the resources you need
Request the resources you need

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We will migrate your services to the E-Cloud
We will migrate your services to the E-Cloud

We will provide support at the stage of migration of your services to E-Cloud. We will help you solve tasks of any complexity!

Cloud infrastructure trial
Cloud infrastructure trial

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E-Cloud works — you use the service
E-Cloud works — you use the service

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